Since 2012 Transit SV Company has been participating in the construction of the Forth Road Bridge across the Yenisei River. The project is divided into two milestone parts. The first phase is to build the bridge crossing structures between the right and the left banks of the Yenisei. The second phase is to layout and build a multi-level junction on the left bank to be connected with the north-western built up area of the city by a stack highway interchange.

Motygino notor vessel and a number of bulk cargo barges are currently involved in the project. Motygino‘s principal task is to tow barges loaded with building materials, equipment and metal structures to the abutments.

The biggest challenge is to work between the two bridges—the one under construction and the existing railroad bridge, as the strong currents of the river Yenisei necessitate precise and efficient maneuvering operations by the vessel with barges in tow. Because of frequent changes in the water level the barges to be unmoored from their anchor posts. The crews have to constantly monitor and adjust barge positions within the required coordinates.

Another factor that substantially complicates the work of the ship’s crew is constant changes of weather conditions with frequent dense fogs resulting in zero visibility on the site.