Company Mission

We operate in Krasnoyarsk krai continuing to build on the outstanding traditions created by generations of river navigators. Every year the company improves and upgrades the fleet to enhance reliability of the river transportation in the Yenisei basin. By delivering the cargo of our customers in the regions of the Far North in a safe, efficient and timely manner, we strive for the benefit of our country thus contributing to the industrial and transportation independence of Russia.

Competitive Advantages

  1. A wide range of high quality services at low prices;
  2. “Turnkey” transportation—from cargo acceptance at the terminal in Krasnoyarsk to cargo unloading  at any the waterway point of the Yenisei basin;
  3. Door-to-door deliveries of customers’ goods by all kinds of land and water transport;
  4. Participation in regional and federal scale projects;
  5. The company’s focused approach to the market requirements to understand and meet the needs of our customers;
  6. Resolution of any river shipping problems by our own forces.