«ОТ-2404» motor tug

Project Н3290—Motor vessel 

Ship’s name: «ОТ-2404»

Twin-screw motor tug (with Kort nozzles) with superstructure on the main, the boat, the intermediate decks and pilot bridge. Designed to pushing and tow dry cargo barges and trains of barges (up to eight barges at a time) with total capacity of up to 24,000 tons. Craft control is automated; the tug is equipped with a sonar, a radar and a radio communications post. OT type craft are certified for traffic in foggy conditions and on man-made lakes out of sight of landmark beacons. The OT-2404 is used to pilot Transit SV Shipping Company’s fleet through the Kazachinskiy Rapids on the Yenisei towing up to two vessels upstream.

Key parameters:

Length 50 m
Width 11,6 m
Height overall 14,36 m
Draft 2,3 m
Engine power 2400 hp
Project Number  Н-3290

Vessel class: «О 2.0(ice 20)А»