Transit SV Steamship Company participated in the construction of a bridge across the Angara River in Boguchany district of Krasnoyarsk krai. As a complex engineering structure, especially taking into account its remoteness from major road lines, the bridge was built as part of the Lower Angara Region Integrated Development project and is one of the key transport infrastructure facilities in the region.

The Boguchany - Yurubchen - Baykit Bridge across the Angara is the longest in Krasnoyarsk krai. The bridge is 1.608 kilometers long and 10 meters wide. It stands on 17 abutments. The bridge was put into operation on November 10, 2011. The construction project took a total of four years. The company provided several vessels for the project including Motygino tug boat and deck cargo barges with a holding capacity from 200 DWT up to 1000 DWT.

The barges had been modified to operate tractor cranes and drilling units. The major difficulty in the initial phase of construction was the correct placement of special purpose buoys in the locations of the bridge abutments, this required pinpoint accuracy and excellent craft control skills by the ship’s crew. The buoy setting was coordinated by one survey engineer ashore and the other on the boat by radio. Prompted by their commands, the captain and the buoy setting expert were able to fix the points to the nearest centimeter. For three years Motygino tug was used to bring barges with building materials, equipment and metal components, and to bring the personnel on and off the site.