The Vankor oil field is in Turukhansk District of Krasnoyarsk krai, at the 440 kilometer marker of the Bolshaya Kheta River. The development of the Vankor oil field has been one of the largest investment projects in this country in recent years. The project is implemented by “Vankorneft” JSC— an affiliated company to “NK Rosneft” JSC.

The active phase of project implementation was from 2006 to 2011 when the development scale was the largest. Transit SV delivered its first shipment by a motor vessel with a BN-3333 fuel barge to the Vankor production facility as early as in June 2006. Further expansion of the project’s infrastructure construction necessitated larger deliveries of cargo within the shipping season. Our company had met the increased requirements and was awarded a major carrier contract from Vankor production site to “Pryluki” transshipment terminal on the Yenisei River.

The most serious challenge in cargo delivery upsteam of the Bolshaya Kheta River is an extremely short period of navigation of about two weeks in June. The efficient loading and discharge in Krasnoyarsk and barge train scheduling is a top priority for the company’s management. At the end of the spring navigation, starting from the first of July, our fleet delivers goods to be accepted by the customers for the Vankor deposit to the Pryluki terminal where cargo is accepted and stored until the beginning of winter. Further on the cargo is delivered by ice roads directly to the field.