Transit SV Shipping Company participated in the one-of-a-kind transportation project to deliver a set of HDC reactors for the Achinsk Refinery modernization project. The equipment was transported to Achinsk from the Italian port of Mantova by the specialized vessel HHL Lagos Hansa Heavy Lift specifically designed to haul heavy and oversized cargo.

After passage via the Northern Sea Route the vessel called at the port of Dudinka. Its holds contained two barges, four reactors and all accessory components with a total weight of 2,670 tons, maximum weight of one of the reactors being 1,306 tons. The the “Damen Riverstar” barges project had been specially constructed to haul cargo of that category along the Yenisei. Two deck cranes with capacities of 750 and 850 tons were used to unload the barges, and then the barges were loaded with the reactors and equipment.

During the whole process of unloading the barges were maneuvered and towed using PT-662, RT-746 and PT-763 motor boats provided by our company. Transit SV’s fleet leader OT-2404 2400 hp motor vessel made up and towed a train of barges with assistance by a PT 763 push tug craft. The travel time upstream the Yenisei River from  Dudinka to the settlement of Kubekovo  was 11 days.

The Yenisei chain tug was used to steer the barges through one of the most difficult sections of the river—the Kazachinskiy Rapids. A new berth had been constructed to unload the equipment of such dimensions in the settlement of Kubekovo. The berth was equipped with a mobile self-propelled vehicle with a lift-and-carry system to take the reactors off the barges.