Cargo Handling

As an owner of a major cargo terminal with processing berths and a park of lifting machinery, Transit SV Shipping Company can handle all types of transport. The cargo terminal has bridge cranes and gantry cranes with capacities from 10 to 32 tons, as well as a fleet of Liebherr truck-mounted cranes with capacities up to 90 tons.

The terminal is a facility with large open and sheltered storage areas used for scheduled storage and further shipment of cargo to any point of destination. The company’s own rail siding and a convenient access road make it easier to manage acceptance and storage of any kind of cargo.

Transit-SV Storage Sites:

      sheltered storage areas (27,500 m2), of which:

  • heated (14,500 m2);
  • unheated (13,000 m2);
  • open storage (52,000 m2).

Secure storage service packages:

  • Delivery of cargo to warehouse by different transport types;
  • Handling of cargo and materials including oversized and heavy cargo;
  • Acceptance of cargo with further processing and entry of data to the database;
  • Batching of cargo to be shipped by customer specified type of vehicle.