«Motygino» Tug Boat

Project Р-14А - Motor vessel

Ship's name: «Motygino»

Description: Motygino is a twin-screw river tug with foredeck at the bow, originally designed to tow rafts on the rivers of the North region and Siberia. The boat has a lowered height of the superstructure, a shallower draft and the ice-stiffened hull. A motor driven towing winch is installed on the stern deck. The vessel is equipped with sonar, radar, and radio communications systems. Motygino is designed to tow rafts and self-propelled vessels.

Key parameters:

Legth 31,55 m
Width 6,84 m
Height oveall 10,00 m
Draft 1,05 m
Engine power 400 hp

Vessel class: «P1,2 (ice 10)А»