«ОТА-996» Ocean Tug

Project 758Б - Motor vessel

Ship’s name: «ОТА-996»


Single-deck twin-screw tug boat with superstructures on the main, the boat and the upper decks and pilot room. Designed to tow barge trains on Siberian rivers (the Ob, the Irtysh, and the Yenisei). The project was re-qualified in 2012-2014; as a result the vessel’s rating was updated to М-SP3,5 Class—the highest rating for river vessels that allows the OTA-996 to go to open sea. The ship is equipped with a full range of navigation and radar equipment that meet all the necessary requirements. The ship’s limit of sea travel without refueling, restocking with food and fresh water is 30 days. The extended endurance allows the vessel to take deliveries to farther located destination points including any port in Russia.

Key parameters:

Length 50 m
Width 8.5 m
Height overall 11.5 m
Draft 2.25 m
Engine power 800 hp

Vessel class: «М-СП 3,5»