РТ Motor tug

Project 1741А - Motor vessel

Ship's name: «РТ-630»

Number of the vessels: 10

Description: Single-deck twin screw motor tug with tunnel transom stern, two-level superstructure and engine room in the middle of the hull. All RT motor tugs are based on the twin-screw design with each screw driven by its main engine. Automatic UDR type coupling arrangements and BN-400 tension drums with 40 ton bollards are used for quick articulation with barges in tow. The stern equipment is completed with a motor driven towing winch. Screw propellers with thrust-augmenting nozzles are used for propulsion of the craft. The RT motor tug is equipped with sonar, radar, and radio communications systems.

Key parameters:

Legth 32,64 m
Width 8,16 m
Height oveall 12,6 m
Draft 1,55 m
Engine power 600-900 hp

Vessel class: «О2,0 (ice 10)А»