RF Refrigerator Vessel for Container Transportation

Project Fin500/700​ - Motor vessel

Ship's name: «RF -503»« RF -504»

Number of the vessels: 2 no.

Description: Single-deck screw dry cargo motor vessel with superstructure and engine room in the stern. The vessel has an ice-strengthened hull for navigation in broken ice. Designed to transport package and containerized cargo. Originally the vessel was constructed to transportation perishable products with her design including three enclosed holds with refrigeration equipment. In 2007 she went through a major renovation project that included the removal of refrigeration compressor units and insulating hold hatches and the installation of the redesigned hatch coamings in the newly equipped cargo holds. The ship can accommodate 46 twenty-foot refrigerated containers with connection to the power supply. Also, the main deck has a 1.5 ton crane.

Key parameters:

Legth 80 m
Width 11,27 m
Height oveall 8 m
Draft 2,4 m
Engine power 800 hp
Capacity  700 t

Vessel class: «О1,8»