TN-694 Oil Carrier

Project 866​ - Motor vessel

Ship's name: «TН-694»

Description: Twin-screw motor tanker with the forecastle and the aftercastle, crew housing superstructure at the stern, gangway and five independent oil tanks with total holding capacity of 600 tons. Designed for transportation of petroleum products with flash point below 60°C. The vessel holds a special transportation license and is subject to certification against the increased requirements. She is equipped with “Kaskad” extinguishing system, a dry compartment ventilation system, and an upper and emergency innage level control system. The full load time is from five to seven hours. TN-694 can make seven trips throughout the shipping season from Krasnoyarsk to Dudinka. Also TN-694 is used for steering barge trains during the short navigation on the Bolshaya Kheta River in the Vankor production site.

Key parameters:

Legth 65,50 m
Width 9,60 m
Height oveall 8,7 m
Draft 1,9 m
Engine power 600 hp
Capacity  600 t

Vessel class: «О2,0»